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Shiluohua furniture factory is a set of furniture R & D, production and sales in one of the enterprise group, is one of the most powerful Chinese furniture industry and the potential for the development of private enterprises. Since founded in 2001, has been a leader in modern furniture enterprises, and always respected fashion. Headquarters is located in "China's furniture manufacturing center", "China furniture capital" - Shunde, Longjiang. The modern production base is located in Xintian Industrial Zone, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan city.

Innovative product

Overall living room furniture leader brand, innovative technology and excellent quality

Celebrity packaging

Has a professional design team at the international level, store packaging upgrade, to provide a more perfect design packaging

Efficient team

Highly efficient marketing team to provide 360 degree full nanny service

Professional planning

Professional planning of large-scale activities

Training system

Shihualuo business school offers a full range of sales skills training

Original design

The original product is the soul of the brand, 16 domestic and foreign designers of the original design is always the leader of the living room Home Furnishing Swarovski

Strong support

Promotion, decoration, advertising, such as a full range of software support and about 200000 square meters of Industrial Park Hardware Support

Dancing terminal

Terminal champion marketing activities continue to develop, dance move the national market

System service

From production to supply, sale to the sale of a full range of fast service system

Cooperative Partner

Thanks to their strong support for the company for many years

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      I and Swarovski since acquaintance, accompanied by a full 10 years! From the beg...

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      Unique product style and quality Swarovski, win more consumers do Swarovski, I f...

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      What is quality? Philosopher Robert Maynard Posig believes that quality is the r...

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      In 2012 April, I signed a letter of intent to cooperate with swarovski. Select t...



    • 概要:

      A: our company is in a stage of rapid development, is currently told the development of medium-sized enterprises. Now the company employs more than and 800 people, the sofa factory of more than and 30...

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      A: our company was established in 2001, has been 12 years of history, the company has just started production of living room furniture, furniture, sofa factory in the production of the past 07 years.

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      Answer: the company owns Vovo and SJO, two series of brand Vovo series, launched in 2007, is a modern minimalist style, advocate a healthy and fashionable life Home Furnishing; SJO Series in 2012 laun...

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      A: our company is currently a member of the National Federation of furniture decoration chamber of Commerce and vice president of the Foshan furniture association. In the industry has won the "most in...

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      A: the company has nearly 400 stores, SJO stores, more than and 30.

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      Answer: the company has a unified CIS system, each brand shop image design, brand planning department store by the company according to CIS systems, unified, and fully consider the actual situation of...

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      Answer: Vovo shop (200-250 square sofa: 60 thousand, hardware: 65 thousand, decoration materials: 20 thousand, chandelier carpet accessories (150 yuan / square) 35 thousand =18 million, renovation cos...

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      Answer: Swarovski Home Furnishing retail price is uniform across the country, according to different parts of the consumer market survey, the headquarters will suggest each franchisee business of diff...